St. Andrews Apartments
525 Dartmoor Drive
Newport News, Virginia 23608
Toll Free Telephone:  1-877-244-3907
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St. Andrews Apartments does not discriminate against any prospective resident or employee because of their race, creed, age, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.

Any misrepresented, misleading, incorrect or untrue statement discovered at any time will result in application rejection or lease termination.

Application Fee: $32 per Application
Security Deposit: Is based on credit worthiness/not to exceed the equivalent of two months rent but not less than $300.
Applicant type: Individual   Co-Applicant
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Applicant Questions
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Have you or any member of your household been convicted of any felonies or misdemeanors (other than routine traffic offenses)? Yes   No

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Application Completion
All Signatories to this application understand and agree to the following:
  1. I hereby authorize St. Andrews Apartments to obtain consumer reports, and any other information it deems necessary, for the purpose of evaluating my application. I understand that such information may include, but is not limited to credit history, civil and criminal information, records of arrest, rental history, employment/salary details, vehicle records, licensing records, and/or any other necessary information. I understand that subsequent consumer reports may be obtained and utilized under this authorization in connection with an update, renewal, extension or collection with respect or in connection with the rental or lease of a residence for which application was made. I hereby expressly release St. Andrews Apartments, and any procurer or furnisher of information, from any liability whatsoever in the use, procurement, or furnishing of such information, and understand that my application information may be provided to various local, state and/or federal government agencies, including without limitation, various law enforcement agencies. I further certify that the statements made in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief and are aware that false statements may result in rejection of your lease or lease agreement termination at a later date and are punishable under Federal law.
  2. Rents are promptly due on the 1st of each month. Rents paid after the fifth will incur a late charge. Two late payments constitute grounds for automatic eviction under Virginia law.
  3. With the exception of Rose Hall Apartments, Pets, other than small birds and fish, are not allowed for any reason. Any resident introducing a pet into their apartment will pay a pet assessment charge of $200 and their lease will be terminated. For all Rose Hall applicants, please contact the Rose Hall leasing staff for information on the community pet policy
  4. Proof of renter's insurance with a minimum of $100,000.00 General Liability is required prior to occupancy, naming Rose Hall Associates Two T/A St. Andrews Apartment as additional certificate holder, Refer to Residents Guide for additional requirements.
  5. Subletting is never permitted. Only those residents who have specifically executed a lease agreement with St. Andrews Apartments are permitted occupancy. Residency by others is grounds for immediate termination of the lease agreement and forfeiture of security deposit.
  6. All apartments are to be kept clean, safe and quiet. Management reserves the right with prior notice to make an inspection of any apartment.
  7. The holding fee submitted with this application will reserve your apartment for occupancy on the move-in date. At that time, the holding fee will be applied as the Security Deposit. Applicant(s) may cancel this application within seventy-two hours of application submittal without penalty for full return of the holding fee. Upon approval of this application and after the initial seventy-two hour grace period, applicant(s) are irrevocably bound to the full term of the lease. Should the applicant(s) elect to cancel or fail to move-in after the seventy-two hour grace period, the applicant(s) shall continue to be responsible for the rental payments during the term of the lease or until the apartment is re-rented. Similarly, applicant(s) shall also be responsible for reimbursement of all marketing costs until the apartment is otherwise assigned or re-rented to another applicant(s).
  8. Recreational and commercial vehicles are prohibited on the premises; motorcycles are allowed by conditional permit only.
  9. The application fee of $32.00 is non-refundable and shall be paid by credit/debit card or money order payable to: St. Andrews Apartments.
  10. This application along with all supporting documentation will expire ninety (90) days from the date this application is signed.  If you are on a waiting list, we will re-verify all information provided at no additional charge to applicant.
  11. Is anyone in your household a smoker?  Yes   No
  12. St. Andrews Apartments has established a NO-SMOKING policy for all apartments and common areas to include but not be limited to; front and back entrances of hallways and laundry rooms to all buildings, all garden seating areas, the rental office and all recreational facilities. St. Andrews Apartments has provided smoking areas with containers for proper disposal of smoking materials in several locations throughout the property, check with management for locations.


As provided by the Virginia Privacy Protection Act of 1976, anyone who is requested to provide personal information about himself must be informed whether he is legally required to provide such information, or whether he may refuse to supply the information requested.  Although you are not legally required to provide the information requested, your failure to do so will result in our inability to determine your eligibility for housing in this development.  It is possible that information provided by you will be revealed to others for the purpose of confirmation or for other purposes in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, but any information so supplied is subject to the safeguards of the Virginia Privacy Act.

Valid Photo Identification must be presented prior to final approval of this application.
I, the undersigned Applicant, agree to the above terms and do hereby swear (or affirm) that the information supplied herein is true and complete, to the best of my knowledge and belief.  By clicking "Apply Now" you agree to the terms stated above.  Please enter your full name to signify your digital signature, thereby confirming that you have read and agree with all the above statements and have provided complete and accurate information.  Applicant authorizes verification of references given and declares that the statements made in this application are true and correct and agrees that the landlord may terminate the contract entered into in reliance on any misstatement made in this application.


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